Infomir Mag254, 256 setup guide

Infomir MAG 254 256 set up favorites

Step by step guide

Step 1: From home screen click “Settings”.
Step 2: Click “System Settings“.
Step 3: In system settings, click: “Servers“.
Step 4: In servers click “General“.
Step 5: In servers, click “Portals“.
Step 6: In portals, fill out the information provided in your email.
Step 7: Press “OK” on your remote to save and you will see this screen.
Step 8: Press the “home” button on the remote control and then click OK and it will begin to load the portal.
Step 9: Portal is now being loaded. Be patient.
Step 10: When you see this screen, it may ask for user name and password (
fill out the information provided in your email). After this it will load the channel list. Just it’s success! Horray! IPTV services will now be loading on your device. Enjoy.