Ministra TV Platform

The Ministra multi-screen TV platform provides professional software for IPTV/OTT projects. The modules’ open code makes it possible to introduce new functionality. The TV platform provides support for in-demand devices: TV set-top boxes, Smart TVs, mobile devices, and personal computers.


We offer IPTV products and Set-Top Boxes such as new Infomir MAG 322! We also have a wide variety of accessories & Android Smart TV based media boxes.  Contact us for all of your IPTV needs.

Android / Unix based TV Box

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 US version, MAG254, MAG256, MAG322, BuzzTV boxes are the best choice

Fast & HD picture quality

View Videos in 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 576p, PAL, NTSC formats

Explore! You will love it.

Works anywhere now!

Best Unix & Android Boxes!
The MAG 254 and MAG 256 are based on unix and Dreamlink T1 is based on Android which you can just plug-in & play with any latest TV set. Now IPTV can work on iOS & Android phones/tablets using apps.

Our Picks for Best IPTV Set Top Boxes

We only sell original and best IPTV boxes. The MAG 254 and MAG 256 are other very popular options for IPTV streaming. They are manufactured by Infomir, the company behind the development of the Stalker Middleware. The Mag boxes are as capable as the Dreamlink T1 when it comes to IPTV streaming. However, they are based on a much more limited Unix operating system. As such, they do not provide the additional Android OS features and app support that Dreamlink T1s are capable of.





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